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Lead the Way: 24 Lessons in Leadership for After School Program Directors

by Paul G. young, PhD
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Lead the Way provides short, self-guided overviews that both aspiring and practicing after school professionals need to thrive in their roles. The 24 fundamental insights and strategies can be used as professional development topics with after school program staff, laying the foundation for the program to recruit, retain, and grow effective leaders.

Table of Contents
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: After School Leadership 101
  • Lesson 2: Advocating for After School
  • Lesson 3: Creating Vision and Mission Statements
  • Lesson 4: Defining the Standards of Leadership
  • Lesson 5: Defining Ethical After School Leadership
  • Lesson 6: Developing Desirable Characteristics of After School Leaders
  • Lesson 7: Cultivating Professionalism
  • Lesson 8: Developing Attitude Assets
  • Lesson 9: Avoiding Temptations
  • Lesson 10: Recruiting and Retaining Students
  • Lesson 11: Promoting Positive Behaviors
  • Lesson 12: Discovering the Keys to Homework Success
  • Lesson 13: Developing Minds for the Future
  • Lesson 14: Multitasking Is a Myth
  • Lesson 15: Becoming a Master Motivator
  • Lesson 16: Dealing with Difficult Family Members
  • Lesson 17: Managing the Media
  • Lesson 18: Marketing with SUCCESs stories
  • Lesson 19: Resolving Conflicts Effectively
  • Lesson 20: Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Lesson 21: Working with Volunteers
  • Lesson 22: Taking Care of Yourself
  • Lesson 23: Interviewing Potential After School Leaders
  • Lesson 24: Leading Nonprofit Organizations
  • Recommended Readings
  • Index
About the Author

Paul G. Young, PhD, worked as a teacher and administrator in Ohio for more than 35 years. He taught 4th and 5th grades and served as an elementary school principal for nearly 20 years before retiring from work in the public schools. As a principal, Young played a key leadership role in the development of the West After School Center, Inc. He also served on the board of directors and as president and CEO of the National After School Association.

ISBN: 978-0-917505-25-6

Lead the Way: 24 Lessons in Leadership for After School Program Directors