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Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership

by Howard Gardner, Emma Laskin
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In "Leading Minds," pioneering psychologist and education expert Howard Gardner – working with his research associate, Emma Laskin -- applies a cognitive lens to leadership, identifying one of its crucial but long neglected components; the minds of leaders and the people who follow them. Now with a new preface and bibliography updated by Gardner, "Leading Minds" shows how effective leaders create and embody new stories that wrestle successfully with stories that already populate the minds of their followers. Gardner imposes his highly original framework on a wide spectrum of leaders from Manhattan Project director J. Robert Oppenheimer to Pope John XXIII to offer fascinating revelations about the messages and the methods of eleven remarkable leaders.

"Full of insight and illuminating detail…Effective leaders put words to the formless longings and deeply felt needs of others. They create communities out of words. In "Leading Minds," Gardner shows that he is just such a leader, able to articulate and clarify what many of us have been thinking on the subject for a long time."
--Warren Bennis, Harvard Business Review

ISBN: 9780465027736

Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership