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Learning to Play Well with Others

by Jeny Searcy
September/October 2009
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Many years ago, someone I respected said to me, "If you were to get a kindergarten report card, it would say 'Jeny does not play well with others.'" The statement was made to show why, in this person's assessment, I could never be a good manager or leader; I was simply too independent and unconcerned about others' input. Because I respected and trusted this person, I accepted the statement and busied myself in finding support work where I never had to be in charge. After all, I did not "play well with others."

For several years after college, I looked for and did quite well in secondary administrative positions. My attitude was "give me a task and then just get out of my way I'll take care of it." It worked, both for me and for employers. Then almost by accident I entered the field of Early Childhood Education and started on a leadership journey a journey of many steps. And with those steps, I learned some important lessons.

Creating partnerships

My first job in Early Childhood was as Center Director/Teacher in a new Head Start Center in Tipton, Oklahoma. I was lead teacher for 20 four ...

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