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Let's Play with our Children!

by Walter F. Drew
May/June 1992
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For the past two years I have been involved with creative play workshops for parents - hands on play experiences for adults. Using an abundant variety of unusual recycle materials, as well as clay, blocks, and paint, we play - sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Adults, we fiddle and explore with stimulating materials, using them in different ways for organizing, building, arranging, or otherwise creating unique three dimensional patterns and designs which no one has ever seen before.

"The colors attracted me . . . as did the idea of building something. I began to put the pieces out one at a time, according to how the colors looked together. The construction has a tilt, an unevenness, and a rolling quality . . . sort of like life itself. . . ." - Margaret

Spontaneous creative play relaxes us and focuses our attention, so that we can experience our own creativity. In the same way as children engage in the reverie of spontaneous play, we - as adults - rediscover the joy and importance of play and creativity.

Play develops curiosity and self-determination.

Play encourages us to follow our own intuition and satisfy our curiosity. We find out ...

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