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Living in the Real World - Why did it Turn Out This Way?

by Jim Greenman
March/April 1992
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Buildings go wrong in large and small ways. They go wrong when dollars or lead time is limited or when they are not. They go wrong despite good people and experience, whether the plans are ambitious or cautious. Candlestick Park in San Francisco is a horrible place to do what it was designed for, watching baseball at night. The glass in the all glass John Hancock tower in Boston popped out. Thousands of large and small buildings are to one degree or another ugly, non-functional, instantly obsolete, and decidedly not user friendly.

Buildings go wrong because designing and constructing a building is complicated in conception, detailing, and construction; there are many occasions for oversight, compounding small errors and inspired, wrongheaded thinking.

Child care buildings usually face very limited budgets, confusing requirements, and a simplistic view of what is needed. It is amazing how well many centers turn out. Drawing from numerous misadventures, this column looks at what goes wrong.

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