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Living in the WOW of Your Ideas

by M. Parker Mabry
July/August 2012
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Recently, I got to thinking about some of the ideas that have crossed my mind in the last couple of weeks. The list made me smile. And as I went over it point by point in my head I tried to determine what, if any, reasonable or logical patterns were emerging in my myriad of ideas.

The four divergent ideas presented here all illustrate five key points for moving ideas into possibilities.

The other day, I was on a conference call, when a voice on the end triggered something within me that made me want to connect with that person. I didn’t know who they were really, and this was the first time I had heard their voice on the call, but there was a slight pull in me that said ‘connect.’ So I rifled through my emails and found the conference call invite and I sent an email to the voice on the other end saying, “Hey, can we meet?” Within seconds I received a reply stating, “Yes! Let’s make it work.” And just like that my idea turned into a possibility.

I had an idea to make chicken again for dinner, but this time, I decided to give ...

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