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Living in the Real World: So You Want to Build a Building?

by Jim Greenman
September/October 1991
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The financing is there, you have an architect in mind, now what? Do you plan to build, incorporate your center into a new building, or renovate in an existing space? The following are what you should probably be thinking about:

Selecting a Building Site

There is no easy formula for site selection. Foremost it is a marketing issue - will it work for your consumers - and a quality issue - can you run the program you wish to run there? The size, shape, topography, surroundings, and relationship to homes and work sites will shape the building and its use. In the best of circumstances, there is an essential fittingness between site, the surroundings, the building, and the occupants or users. But rarely is any site ideal -the best site is typically a site with many positives and the least negative factors.

Factors in selecting a site:

_ Consumers - Who will be using the center? Parents from one location or a number of locations? Parents who use mass transit, car pool, or walk?

_ Cost - Acquisition, landscape, utilities, and building cost?

_ Visibility - Is visibility important for consumer awareness? Is visibility a liability for consumer ...

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