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Living in the Real World: So You Want to Build a Building?

by Jim Greenman
January/February 1992
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The design of a child care center begins with a site, an architect, and a design program. From that basis, the design process has a number of steps, including:

_ Conceptual design - developing the concept of the building: structure, location on the site, look of the building, and general organization.

_ Schematic design - developing the building specifics, mechanical and structural elements, relationships, floor plans, and major details.

_ Schematic pricing - establishing a detailed cost estimate for the schematic design.

_ Design development and construction documents - developing the specific plans that the contractors will use to construct the building.

Each of these steps involves taking the design program, site, budget, and all the regulations that the building will have to meet and struggling to craft a building that best meets the design program.

Successful Design: A Collaborative Effort

The most successful facilities grow out of a process that recognizes the need for a design team: the architects, the owner or developer, the child care consultant (or the director) representing the owner, and - fairly early on - the contractor. All of the above have specific expertise and work most effectively when they are acknowledged as "players," with legitimate interests and ownership of the project.

Developing ...

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