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Looking for Core Values

by Margie Carter
September/October 2010
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During a recent conference-study tour — "From Administrator to Innovator: Creating Organizational Systems That Support Reflective Teaching" — one of our Canadian delegates shared an important ah-ha moment. As we prepared to leave our hotel conference meeting room to tour centres, we asked the delegates to look for the core values of London Bridge Children's Services. Trying to be diligent, Betty said she started sifting through her conference folder to find a paper with 'Core Values' in the heading. She knew her own organization had such a paper and was disturbed that she couldn't locate one called "London Bridge Core Values" in her packet. She decided this paper was probably going to be distributed at the centre and eagerly got on the bus.

As delegates disembarked, the London Bridge centre director welcomed them with an overview of the program and then gave everyone a paper as they set about visiting classrooms. Betty said, "I was relieved at first, thinking I was getting the Core Values, but all I got was a map!" Though anxious that she had failed her assignment, Betty gave up looking for the Core Values paper and set about touring the centre. "Then it hit me," she said. ...

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