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Making Your Staff Your Marketing Partners

by Julie Wassom
March/April 1992
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A question often asked by directors working to market their centers using the team approach is, "How can I get my staff involved in marketing the center?"

A recent survey reported that staff is second only to the center director as a reason why parents select one child care center over another. And even more important, the relationship established between parent, child, and staff is the primary reason parents choose to stay at a center. That means the impression your staff makes on visiting prospects and existing customers of your center has a critical impact on your ability to secure and retain enrollment.

The best way to make your staff into marketing assistants is to let them know the value they have in communicating the professional image of your center. Your staff will know how valuable they are to you as a marketing partner if you provide them with the following:

_ marketing tools;

_ incentives;

_ performance expectations; and

_ rewards for a marketing job well done.

Marketing tools may be books or tapes on how to market the professional image you want to communicate to your prospects and customers. A very cost effective marketing tool to provide to your staff is business cards. Some directors ...

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