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Managing the 'Measure Up Monster'

by Debra R. Sullivan
November/December 2010
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Last Thanksgiving, I had 20 family members over for dinner. I roasted a 24-pound turkey, and it was a big hit. A really big hit.

“That was the best turkey I’ve ever tasted in my life!”
“I’ve never had a turkey that juicy and tender " never!”
“Can I come over for dinner again tomorrow?”
“I can almost taste those turkey sandwiches to come right now.”

Well, there were no turkey sandwiches to come. They picked that turkey clean right down to the bone. This sounds like a good thing, right? So what’s my point? My point is that Thanksgiving is coming up again and guess who’s in charge of roasting the turkey? Suddenly, the ‘Measure Up Monster’ rears its ugly head. The pressure, the sweating, the heart palpitations, the shaky hands, the high expectations. Will the next turkey be as good? Will I be able to pull it off again? Will I be able to measure up?

The ‘Measure Up Monster’ usually comes to visit wearing one of two disguises. Its favorite disguise is Flattery. Some say flattery will get you everything, but sometimes flattery only gets you frightened. Most times when people flatter you, it’s to make you feel good. But ...

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