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My Truth

by Kristie Norwood
September/October 2020
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I just left one of the best and most important conversations in my lifetime. I have had all types of conversations. I have spoken with Dick Gregory and Cornel West. I have talked to my grandmother and mother about sharecropping in the south. I have had confrontational conversations. I have yelled, screamed, laughed and cried. But today, I have been transformed. 

Today, we had our weekly call for the Reimagining Our Work Initiative conveners. We checked in with each other, laughed heartily and focused ourselves, through a story about a little boy that made his friends laugh over and over through his intentional action of dropping a toy log from a toy moose’s head. As we moved into our agenda, we started with the recent updates on the ROW Initiative sign-up. One of our conveners, Pam, said, “We have 111 cohort members. That is exciting.”

Margie replied, “I think we need to say out loud that all of them are white. Maybe we do not need to proceed until we can really draw in people of color.”

I sat with that for a minute. My reaction was not a quick one. It built like the flames of an open fire. One hundred eleven ...

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