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A program showcase: Oni Memorial Children’s Hospital Toy Library

by Michael Kalinowski
September/October 2008
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This toy library is located in Ibadan, an ancient and important city at the junction of the savannah and the forest in southwestern Nigeria, about 78 miles inland from Lagos. Ibadan is the capital of Oyo state, and the third largest city in Nigeria. It was once the third largest city in Africa, and has its first television station, first stadium, and first skyscraper.

The toy library was donated on May 28, 2004 by a group of five women who were members of the Toy Library Association of Nigeria. This was as a result of the coordinator Rev. (Mrs.) Ekine and her friend Dr. (Mrs.) Ayotola Aremu who were privileged to visit some toy libraries in 2003 at a conference organized by ALL-SA, South Africa. The toy library was the first of its kind in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, being placed in a government hospital specifically for children. It has hosted over 500 patients aged between one and twelve years of age. These young patients, on admission, are allowed to come to the library between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. There is a nursing officer permanently stationed in the library who works with the hospital physiotherapist. It is privately ...

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