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Opening Doors to Activities that Include ALL Children

by Whit Hayslip and Lisbeth Vincent
September/October 1995
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Ms. Adana ends music time with the last verse of "Oh, Johnny" with her group of preschool-age children and says, "Today we have some special choices in the interest areas. In the library corner there's a new book and tape about a camping trip. We have a collage in the art area with macaroni, cotton balls, and glitter sticks. The sand and water table is filled with colored sand and we have some new purses in the house corner. There are bananas to slice in the cooking area. Think about where you would like to play, and you can make your choices."

Carlos stands in the middle of the rug looking out the window. Ms. Adana bends down to him and says, "We need to figure out what you would like to do today. Would you like to listen to the tape or play in the house corner?" As she speaks, she turns him toward each choice. She takes his hand and he begins to walk to the house corner. She goes with him to the area and reminds him to tell the other children he would like to join in. ...

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