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Orange Snow Balls

by Buffy Owens
November/December 2010
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3 - 4 whole Navel oranges
1 cup fresh blueberries
6 oz. 100% fruit juice (in this recipe I used a pomegranate base)
2 cups lowfat yogurt
juice from the oranges

I play a little game: I look at each piece of fruit or vegetable and try to think how else it could be used in a project. What would be fun for the children and look inviting to eat? Many fruits or vegetables can serve as a receptacle and hold other parts of a dish. In this case, the orange does just that.

To create the orange ‘shells,’ take each orange and cut off the top 1/3. Slide a spoon in between the segments of orange and the white part of the orange. Work your way around the orange, being careful not to go through the skin or all the way to the bottom. If you pull too hard, you will pull out the bottom ‘plug’ and your orange will leak. Place your fingers in between the orange segments and the white part and begin to gently pull the inside of the orange away from the skin. If you have a wooden juicer, place it inside the segments and juice the orange before ...

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