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Our Custodians - More Backbone than in the Background

by Custodians, Directors and Bonnie Neugebauer
September/October 1995
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To those unfamiliar with life in an early childhood program, the role of custodian might seem like a background position. But the stories we have heard, the testimonials of directors, and the comments of the custodians, themselves, offer us quite a different perspective. It becomes clear that custodians are very involved in the daily life of the programs they serve. They are beloved by the children. And, like the rest of us, they thrive on positive feedback and a little cooperation. We surveyed custodians in a variety of programs in order to share with you some of their insights and a few of their stories.

Custodians Enjoy Their Work

"Working alongside the children and their parents makes it easy to become part of the center family. I am on a first name basis with most of the children and parents. The children show me their art work, they ask me to help bandage their injuries, and they are always ready to tell me about their day. All of this makes it more important to me to keep their center clean. It is more than just a job to me."

"I enjoy seeing the things the ...

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