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Parent Involvement: Ideas from the Field

March/April 2004
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Every month, Exchange highlights a challenge of the month. On our web site (www.ChildCareExchange.com) we provide solutions from Exchange and solutions from the field to this challenge. In January, the challenge was “Involving Parents.” We received over 60 ideas submitted by Exchange Panel of 300 members and by visitors to our web site. Below is a small sample of the varied ideas shared: Pam Tuszynski First Presbyterian Church Preschool Hollywood, California Since we have listening centers in three of our four classrooms, we ask parents to dictate stories or even the child’s favorite story on tape. Then we put it in their child’s classroom. It is a very special way for parents, who do not have a lot of time to do other volunteering, to do something unique for the school. The children love to listen to their parents’ tapes. Kathy Sarginson ABCs of Children’s Care and Education Foxboro, Ontario, Canada I believe that from the first day of contact the personal daily conversations with parents create the most positive partnership. I have over 23 years as an owner of two centres, and every parent talks not about the activities we did, but the time I took for each family. Through these conversations our team of educators gains ...

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