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Preparing for Disaster: Taking the Lead

by Judith Colbert
September/October 2008
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. . . extremely dangerous hurricane continues to approach . . . devastating damage expected . . . most of the area will be uninhabitable and power outages will last for weeks . . . airborne debris will be widespread . . .

. . . six hours of freezing rain will be followed by snow falls of up to two feet . . . high winds are likely to down power lines . . . visibility will be poor and roads will be impassable . . .

. . . potentially toxic gases are seeping from the overturned tanker. People are urged to stay indoors and listen to this radio station for further bulletins.

. . . the gunman is holding six hostages. Police have evacuated the area . . .

How do you feel when you turn on the news and hear that danger is approaching? At such times, others depend on their leaders to take action. When disaster strikes, will you and your center be ready?

After the destruction of Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita, and in the wake of Oklahoma City and 9/11, and in the aftermath of the massive tsunami in Southeast Asia and earthquakes ...

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