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Producing a School Newsletter Parents will Read

by Rhonda Jones
January/February 1996
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Child care directors set the stage for future parent involvement by promoting effective home/school communication during a child's early years. Involving parents at the preschool level and emphasizing the importance of parent partnerships helps create an alliance that will continue through a child's schooling. Parent communication takes many forms, but an often overlooked way of reaching parents that is both inexpensive and underutilized is the school newsletter.

The newsletter allows schools to reach large numbers of parents in the least amount of time. A well written and consistent school newsletter can keep parents up to date about your school's progress, philosophy, special programs, and future plans.

The newsletter can enhance your school image by delineating the quality of services you provide. Often parents will show the newsletter to friends and family members, which can mean new business for you.

Your newsletter can be used to recruit parents to assist with special projects and volunteer needs.

And it can be a great public relations tool. Send it to local media, community leaders, neighboring schools, and board members. It will exemplify the positive and proactive activities taking place at your site and keep your school's name at the forefront for possible ...

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