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Prospect Follow-Up Pays Dividends in Enrollment

by Julie Wassom
July/August 1993
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What is the enrollment building technique that, when missing, causes many center directors to send their prospects right into the waiting arms of their competitors? Follow-up action. It is a marketing skill that separates the true professional enrollment builder from the enrollment order taker. Professional center directors need to be masters of follow-up action. Your initial telephone contacts and center visits with your prospects are only the beginning of an ongoing relationship between parents and your center. How masterfully you continue that relationship will dictate just how many of those prospects really do become customers of your center.

What is follow-up action? It is those activities you employ after a telephone conversation or a center visit with an inquiring prospect. It is follow up that really completes your plan of action for gaining an enrollment from each eligible prospect.

It is always surprising to me when I learn that many directors do not follow up with their enrollment prospects. Some feel that they don't have time, or that the prospects will call or come back on their own. Many directors do follow up one time; but when they don't see quick results, they quit. ...

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