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Picture Books for Children

by Jean Dugan
November/December 2012
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As pleased as I am that my grandchildren Caroline and Ryan are moving into another stage of reading — one that I hope will sustain them all their lives — at nine and six they still enjoy snuggling with a good picture book. Sometimes I read to them, sometimes they read to me, over and over. A well-written and beautifully-illustrated picture book is a delight to all the senses, to be enjoyed by all. Here are some new titles to share — especially if you don't mind a bit of noise!

Feeling the Rhythm

Anna Witte's Lola's Fandango is all polka dots and fiery colors, snapping fingers, tapping shoes, and swirling skirts. Lola's sister Clementina has a longer braid, her pictures are more lifelike, little Lola even thinks her sister's name is more beautiful. But Papi says that Lola has something better — she has duende, attitude. Lola wants to be good at something too. The discovery of a gorgeous pair of dancing shoes in the bottom of the closet leads to her determination to be a flamenco dancer like her Mami. Papi teaches her to sense the rhythm of flamenco everywhere she goes: in ...

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