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Resources on Child Care Related Food and Nutrition Topics

May/June 2006
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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a rich source of information on food and nutrition topics of interest to child care programs. USDA provides information through national programs as well as through state and county levels of USDA Cooperative Extension Service.

The USDA National Agricultural Library includes the Food and Nutrition Information Center. FNIC’s web site, www.nal.usda.gov, provides a directory to credible, accurate, and practical resources for consumers, nutrition and health professionals, educators, and government personnel. Visitors can find printable format educational materials, government reports, research papers, and more.

Two publications of interest are:

• Food and Nutrition List for Child Care and Preschool Staff

• Keeping Kids Safe: A Guide for Safe Food Handling & Sanitation for Child Care Providers

The National Network for Child Care, www.nncc.org, brings together the expertise of many of the nation’s leading universities through their Cooperative Extension programs. NCCN’s goal is to share knowledge about children and child care from the vast resources of the land grant universities with parents, professionals, practitioners, and the general public. The web site contains over 1,000 publications and resources related to child care. Publications are research-based and reviewed. Other features of the web site are: CONNECTIONS NEWSLETTERS " issued ...

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