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Revisiting the Power of the Individual

by Adam Neugebauer
July/August 2010
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In the very first Going Green article (Exchange, January/February 2009), I discussed my personal struggles and successes with encouraging my company and my coworkers to be more 'green' in the office. After finding some fellow wattage-watchers and religious recyclers, we formed the Green Squad and quickly racked up a string of victories, which I shared in that article. That was a little over a year ago . . . so how have things gone since then?

Two steps forward, one step back

First, let's quickly review some of the accomplishments about which I had previously boasted:

1) Switched to recycled paper for most of our printers: According to IT, the recycled paper kept jamming our printers. Who knew that paper could be an Achilles' heel for printers? This policy was quickly repealed.

2) Hosted special 'green awareness' events: The "Swap-n-Haul" e-waste drive turned out to be the last event hosted by the Green Squad.

3) Stopped stocking kitchen with bottled water: This company practice seems relatively intact. A quick scan of our kitchen trash cans and recycling bins did find a couple water bottles, but the flats of bottled water are gone from our stock room. And speaking with the office manager (who is in charge ...

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