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Saving the Pig, but Missing the Point!

by Pauline Davey Zeece
March/April 1998
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Staff worked several days on a dramatic play area involving a farm. The room was filled with exciting and stimulating props of all sorts. In the corner stood a child-sized cardboard cow - complete with a surgical glove udder for milking.

On the way to her office, the director popped her head in the room and exclaimed, "Oh no, no, no. This will never do. We cannot have a cow in this center . . . and, of course, the pig MUST go."

The teachers stood speechless until the creator of the cow spoke, "What are you talking about? The children will love this! They will learn so many things. . . ."

Before she could finish, the director interrupted, "No cows - we have Muslim children in this program. And no pork either, Rachel is Jewish."

"Is this a joke? We won't be eating these animals. They are a real part of a farm. There are children in this center whose parents or grandparents are farmers. What about them?" The teachers stepped closer to one another and rolled their eyes.

"Case closed. Take it down before the children get here. We all must make sacrifices to do this inclusive programming." The director was clearly giving ...

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