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Scottish Kindergarten Part 2

by Rusty Keeler
January/February 2012
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Okay â€" here we go!

One of my favorite things in the whole world is a forest school â€" a nature kindergarten. You’ve probably heard the rumors: preschoolers outdoors all day long, in all kinds of weather. Could it be true? Yes! And it’s not just for Scandinavian kids anymore. It’s yet another children and nature global movement. More than just adding nature to a playground, or building a natural playscape, these schools take it to the next level and immerse children directly in the natural world. Woods, meadows, creeks, ravines. Nature. And as you can imagine, the children love it!

These pictures are from my summer trip to Scotland to visit Claire Warden of Mindstretchers. Besides traveling the world inspiring teachers and schools to connect children with nature, Claire and her team run two amazing nature kindergartens. I had the pleasure of spending three glorious days tagging along with the kids as they explored and played in their wild woods. (I even happened to be there on World Forum International Mud Day!) I watched kids balance on logs, climb trees, jump in a small creek, start fires to cook food, run through tall grass, and even get nipped by stinging nettles ...

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