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Seeing and Supporting Childen's Right to Choose

by Deb Curtis and Jess Guiney
July/August 2013
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BOX #1
Willa’s Morning

When I come to school, I can do all the things I like to do. It’s true! At my school, there is a yard, and different rooms, and most of the time I can go wherever I want. In the morning, there are meetings with the teachers and the other kids. I have to go to those, but I get to share with everyone what I plan to do with my day. Then I go quick as I can to do my plan! Some days I want to go to the Studio where I can do any kind of art. There is a teacher there who helps me find what I need, and there is lots of space to work. There are other kids there, too! Sometimes we work together; other times I work by myself. I can stay as long as I like. The teacher helps me learn new things like how to use clay and how to paint with special paints and brushes. And, if I decide that I want to go somewhere else but I’m not finished with my work, I can come back and finish it later. I can go to any of the other ...

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