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Signs your Organization is Growing Too Fast

by Bob Benson
July/August 1997
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November 1993. June Zigler contemplated with satisfaction her Beaverbrook Child Care September income statement. Occupancy of 86% (which she knew had topped 90% in October) and a lush profit. Around her the center pulsed with energy. She had just spent an hour moving among classrooms, helping her hand-picked, loyal staff, and dispensing personal greetings to everyone. Even the parents had been full of good cheer that morning despite the usual early day rush. During nap time, June planned to visit the new educational wing of the community church which had agreed to lease her five classrooms for a new center which would open in March.

October 1994 Beaverbrook continued to perform well. June was spending more time at the church center helping Nancy Morgan, her long time assistant director at Beaverbrook, who had moved over to run the church center when the occupancy permit and licensing approval finally came through in early May. Enrollment was proving to be more of a struggle than they had anticipated, though FTEs (full time enrollments) recently topped 35. More frustrating to her was how hard a time she was having persuading Nancy to get out in the community ...

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