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Somersaults and Spinning

by Jan White
May/June 2013
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“It amazes me how quickly and how often we forget that we are embodied, that we see the world the way we do because we live in these bodies.”
Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talk, 2012

What movement play did you engage in as a child? What movements do young children naturally engage in when adults are not controlling their behaviour? Many of these will be familiar:

• rolling down hills
• spinning on the spot until you fall over and the world carries on ­spinning
• endless handstands and cartwheels
• swinging as high as you can
• twisting the swing up tight so that it spins you as it unravels or simply hanging over the swing on your tummy
• doing ‘apple turn-overs’ (somersaults) over bars
• hanging from monkey bars or upside-down by your knees
• leaning out as you twirl around lamp posts or spinning round holding the hands of a partner
• bouncing on the bed
• skipping
• walking on walls and teetering on the edge before jumping off
• balancing along curbs
• jumping between paving stones
• rough-and-tumble play (roughhousing)
• rocking back on chairs
• wobbling on the outside of your feet
• jiggling and never being still . . .

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