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Spreading the Wealth: Leadership at All Levels

by Debra R. Sullivan
July/August 2009
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In my last article (Exchange, March/April 2009), I explained that I would be writing a series of articles addressing the leadership themes that emerged from our Exchange Panel of 300 Reception in Dallas, Texas, last November. The first article was about mentoring and how you can grow more leadership — even as you continue to develop your own. Another theme closely related to this is the need to encourage all of our staff and help them to see their individual roles in the leadership process, regardless of their position. This article will focus on leadership at all levels within our programs.

I've said it often: To children, all grown-ups are leaders and all grown-ups are teachers. Young children do not make such fine distinctions between the various positions individuals hold in our programs. The lead teacher, the assistant, the custodian, the cook, the director — whatever your role, young children see all grown-ups as 'the people in charge.' It is up to us to 'spread the wealth' and pay attention to how all leadership is expected, supported, experienced, accessible, and noticed at every level and in every position.

Emerging questions about leadership

Eight questions emerged during our discussion: ...

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