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Staffing at the Child Care Center

by Lori Harris
September/October 2005
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You are nearing the end of a really promising interview for the lead teacher position in your infant/toddler program and you ask if there are any questions. You hear the dreaded words, "I can't remember if you said what the hours were, but I really would rather work early and get out in the middle of the afternoon." (The hours you are looking for are 10 a.m.-6 p.m.) What are you going to do now?

Staffing and scheduling are just one part of a center director's job. Most of us do not give it the time and attention it needs. It is a task that requires organizational skills and interpersonal skills to put together a staffing pattern that works for the people and the center.

Many years ago when I was starting a new center I was determined to find a way to get highly qualified staff without spending a fortune. I searched for information and found a couple of articles but nothing that helped me look at patterns from different perspectives. I started to do my own work on patterns, budgets, and qualifications. Over the years I have learned a lot both from personal experience and talking ...

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