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Standards or Standardization: Where Are We Going?

by Margie Carter
May/June 2006
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I’m not one who gravitates toward whiners or alarmists, but I find myself needing to stutter. In each early childhood community I visit across the U.S., people are telling me they are at the end of their ropes. Whether from teacher or administrator, seasoned or new to the field, the stories all have common elements. They feel discouraged, if not beaten down, confused by how different their jobs are than they used to be or than they imagined them to be. They find it hard to practice what they have been taught or believe to be good for children. Many say there is very little joy in their work, and they don’t know how much longer they can do it.

With this as a backdrop, I was a bit troubled to see the NAEYC Professional Development Conference brochure with all the hyperbole about how standards lead to delivering exceptional educational experiences. Not able to attend the PD conference this year, I hope to learn from those who do that my concerns are unfounded. But, at the moment, I’m struggling with the direction our profession is going. Are we jumping on the bandwagon of trends, policies, and practices stemming from No Child ...

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