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Structure for Success: 30 Preventive Discipline Techniques

by Karen Miller
March/April 2000
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There is much that you can do to cut down on behavior problems with children. Of course, not all of these things will work all of the time; but, used consistently, they can go a long way toward building a more peaceful classroom or family child care environment.


1. Make your environment as "allowable" as possible. Eliminate all possible safety hazards. Put away fragile or valuable items you don't want children to handle. Block off areas of the environment where you don't want children to be. You will spend less time prohibiting and frustrating children.

2. Have enough materials. Have duplicates of popular toys and many of such things as sand buckets and shovels so children don't have to fight for favorites.

3. Arrange the space to minimize conflict. Divide your room into several smaller spaces. Shelves and low dividers can be arranged to make small spaces where children can play, less distracted by other children.

4. Avoid crowding. If too many children are forced to play in a small space, more aggression will arise over toys as well as play space. Try moving furniture to create slightly larger spaces, or divide the space to encourage the children to play in different areas of the ...

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