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Sunflower Playscape Power

by Rusty Keeler
May/June 2006
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Ahh. Spring into Summer: the height of the outdoor playscape season! It’s the time of new life, new green, and new opportunities for outdoor explorations for your children. For you it’s a time to take a fresh look at your outdoor space.

Like so many early childhood professionals today, you may be interested in transforming your playground into an “environmental playscape.” Now is the perfect time to add natural elements to your playscape, because it’s one of the best times of the year to add plants! Trees can provide shade, vegetables can provide food, and flowers can add color and fragrance.

One of my favorite plants to have on the playscape are sunflowers. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors; they are easy to grow, and go through an amazing change of scale in one season. The best part about them: you can grow them with your children. The whole process is an opportunity for children to learn about the natural world and the process of life. You may be the first person ever to show children the magic of seeds growing into plants. Your end result may be a flowerpot full of sunflowers, or a whole row of sunflowers ...

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