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Taking Action to Connect Two Million Children with Nature

by Nancy Rosenow
May/June 2011
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“When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”
" Dom Helder Camara

Seventy teams of people from around the world " all eager to develop concrete plans for ways to connect more children and families with the joys of the natural world " met together in October, 2010, to share ideas, wrestle with common issues, and dream together. Delegates from more than 50 countries spent three productive and inspiring days together at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska, USA, for the “Connecting the World’s Children with Nature Action Forum,” sponsored by the World Forum Foundation’s Nature Action Collaborative for Children Leadership Team. Earlier that year, World Forum Foundation Co-Founder, Roger Neugebauer, made a pledge during a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative that the Action Forum would result in connecting two million children with nature. Forum delegates eagerly embraced that challenge. Delegates were inspired as teams from Afghanistan and Haiti described ways that children’s connections with the natural world could help them heal from the devastating effects of war and from natural disasters. And, as all delegates explored the outdoors together, made music, and ate foods fresh from the ...

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