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Making Play Work

ITEM #: 5702007

This set of course readings includes the following articles from Exchange The Early Childhood Leaders' Magazine Since 1978:

  • Playing the Day Away
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman
  • Preschool Academics: Learning What Comes Naturally
    by David Elkind
  • The Changing World of Toys and Toy Play
    by David Elkind
  • The Culture of Play: A Personal Perspective
    by Cheryl Greer Jarman
  • "But They're Only Playing": Interpreting Play to Parents
    by Renatta M. Cooper
  • Play and Standards-Driven Curricula: Can They Work Together in Preschool?
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman
  • How to Create an Environment That Counteracts Stereotyping
    by Alice Sterling Honig
  • Taking Play Home: Encouraging Parents to Encourage Play
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman

80% mastery is required to earn one (1) CEU. One CEU equals 10 training hours. The test must be completed within one year of registration.