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Technology Tools for the Tough Tasks: Plug In for Great Outcomes

by Fran Simon
May/June 2012
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Wouldn’t it be great if every early childhood program came with an instruction manual and a GPS that provided administrators and teachers with everything they needed to know about managing the administration of the center and offering learning experiences based on individual needs and interests? And, even better, wouldn’t it be fantastic if all of the work was done with a few clicks and keystrokes? While my dreams might be a ­little far-fetched, there are a lot of easy-to-use online tools that can help teachers and administrators with the tough tasks involved in running efficient, responsive, and intentional programs. The efficiencies offered through these systems allow busy educators to spend less time managing information and more time doing the work that matters the most " working with staff, families, and children. Online systems help teachers and administrators serve families better, faster, and more efficiently, dig deeply into children’s learning, and plan and report based on this information. There are systems that also offer features that help us enrich their experiences with media and parent engagement. It’s all right at our fingertips.

As easy as it is to find technology solutions to your administrative problems, identifying your program’s needs can take time ...

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