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The $17 Investment

by Dennis Vicars
July/August 2009
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In a recent ExchangeEveryDay survey, respondents identified 12 primary training needs for directors. Ten of the items fit under basic management issues, with two others as clerk/administrative tasks. The thing that struck my attention the most, and these items came from a large survey of participants, was not one mention of marketing.

As part of the training regimen for your team, especially the management team, how could the one item that brings attention to your school/center be left to chance? The days of “Build it and they will come” are long gone. Likewise, the fact that you have a top-quality early childhood education program with a star-studded staff, a great location, and a long history in the community does not promise success either. Unless people know you are there and you give them a reason to actively seek you out, sooner than later in this economic crisis, your wonderful " perhaps even accredited " program is going to be playing to an empty house. As early care and education marketing expert Julie Wassom once wrote, “Know Me or No Me.”

Marketing is everyone’s job

In an earlier article, I stressed the fact that marketing begins with making it a priority with the entire staff. ...

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