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The 3 A's: Attention, Appreciation, and Affection

by Dennis Vicars
May/June 2012
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It’s funny to remember things from classes you’ve taken, some all the way back to high school. Here are the silly things I remember " even if I have ­forgotten everything else I learned in the class. I remember that Pi equals 3.14 and that in chemistry a mole is a mass defined by 6.022 x 1023. I have no idea what to do with those two nuggets of knowledge, but they’re still planted firmly in my brain. I know from ­Economics 101 that economics is defined by “unlimited wants in a world of limited resources” and in psychology, B. F. Skinner believed that society could be changed by positive reinforcement.

These random tidbits are amusing and probably good for Trivial Pursuit, but of little consequence in life’s daily personal and professional necessities. One of these tidbits often comes to mind, since I am in the business of managing people for what I hope will lead to positive outcomes for young children. Psychologist Abraham Maslow, whom we have all learned about in Education Psychology and other classes, built an entire theory around the human’s hierarchical needs from the base of food, clothing, and shelter on up to love and then self-actualization. As ...

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