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The Actions of One Inspire the Power of Many

by Janet Gonzalez-Mena
July/August 2010
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Laura Briley is a person who makes things happen! Not only is she instrumental in creating a new World Forum Working Group for the Rights of Children in Children’s Homes, but in April she organized the first ever Pikler Intensive Training in the United States by bringing two internationally famous infant development experts to Tulsa, Oklahoma. But that’s getting ahead of the story. Let’s go back to the start of the story in the 1970s.

Laura was a young woman with a business background when she began her career in child care. She was a hands-on learner with no formal background in child development, but always looked for ways that she could improve the five schools she had purchased from her brother. She had heard Magda Gerber give several presentations about infant care at several NAEYC conferences and thus began her deep desire to improve care for infants and toddlers. Magda made an impact on everyone she met and her approach to infant care was profound and passionate. Laura was convinced that the educaring approach was something that would benefit infants, but had no idea that there would be a connection between Magda and her work in Tulsa.

In 1990 Laura visited Romania ...

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