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The Administrator’s ‘Handy Dandy’ Tool Belt

by Terry Anderson
November/December 2012
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Every good leader needs a tool belt. Throughout my years of building early childhood programs, I have acquired a number of tools for my personal belt. These tools have helped me sharpen my skills in supporting teachers and staff, connecting with families, and educating children. This article focuses on those leadership skills that are necessary for overseeing the curriculum, environments, and relationships that build high-quality early childhood classrooms. The belt holds the tools that are essential to complete the job and each tool is dependent on the others.

Tools and Techniques to Support Classroom Teachers

A level is for checking yourself and for building relationships that foster trust. The ability to build and maintain a sense of balance in supporting teaching staff as you build your program is essential.

Teachers have the task of creating healthy relationships with children, families, colleagues, and administration. The focus should always be on the program’s policies and practices that affirm and embrace diversity in all relationships. There are times when the level is off balance: when personalities conflict, individual values and perceptions are not in agreement, policies and procedures are not upheld, and communication is misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Ms. Portillo phones the director very ...

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