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The Beauty that Remains

by Kristie L. Norwood
September/October 2021
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/the-beauty-that-remains/5026138/

As one of the conveners of the Reimagining Our Work initiative, I get to participate in some amazing conversations. Those conversations always require me to reflect and dig deeper into my thought processes. Last year, in the midst of several pandemics, we began to talk about centering blackness in early childhood education. The topic became an article, “My Truth” (Exchange, September/October 2020) and a facilitated offering to the ROW online community focused on centering blackness and highlighting voices of people of color. 

This year, I was invited to continue this conversation on the Multiversatility University podcast (Morrison, 2021). To be sure, the current focus on centering blackness and raising voices of people of color is both necessary and important. However, it was the very first question that Kamisha asked that shaped the next 45 minutes of discussion. She asked, “As we reflect on a year, we have been in this educational evolution for a year, what would you say are some takeaways that you have had over the past 12 months?”

I am not sure, maybe it was the mention of “evolution,” but thoughts really started to focus on the process of evolving and what that meant to our field. To be ...

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