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The Dance of Our Lives - Working with Your Spouse

by Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer
September/October 2000
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If we tell you that we have worked together for 23 years and add that we have been married for 30, you must be careful not to assume that we have all the answers, that we know all the steps. We certainly know the issues involved in working with your spouse, but our life has not been a beautiful tango or a snappy two-step; the music keeps changing and each project, each day, brings with it the now-expected joys and challenges. Perhaps the greatest achievement of these years together is our ability to feel and adapt to changes in the rhythm.

Just because we don't have all the answers does not prevent us from taking this opportunity to share with you some of our insights. We tell our stories in the hope that they will have some meaning for your own professional life. For although being married to your business partner does affect the tempo and intensity of your working relationship, it is, nonetheless, a business partnership created to move an enterprise forward. Professional relationships among husbands, wives, sisters, mothers, grandparents, and children strengthen many early childhood programs. We hope this article will motivate you to share some of your family business ...

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