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The Dog Days of Summer

by Eric Karolak
July/August 2010
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Summer in Washington can be challenging. The heat and the humidity often are oppressive, which is part of the reason Congress goes on recess in August and members leave town to work in their districts and states.

This year, adding to the heat is continued concern about the pace of economic recovery, the size of the national debt, and the looming midterm elections. The combination may affect just how much progress occurs this summer on key issues of interest to child care providers.

Annual funding

President Obama proposed a $1.6 billion increase for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), the federal program that assists low-income working parents with the cost of child care. The next step is for Committees in Congress to take up the actual legislation and put together specific funding amounts for federally-funded programs.

However, the annual appropriations for CCDBG and other federal programs and agencies is not certain and far from over. As of press time (June 8), no appropriations bills had emerged. Many in Congress, especially moderate Democrats facing re-election and Republicans, are wary of passing legislation that will add to the national debt. And the White House has also
focused on this long-term issue, creating ...

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