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The Early Childhood Community Gives Back

September/October 2010
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It was a sultry day in Houston, one we had been working toward for the past several months, one we had been looking forward to with great anticipation. Representatives of Exchange, our makeover project partners, and members of the media had assembled in the front yard of Jewel’s Learning Center to make the surprise announcement that the program had been selected as the winner of the Exchange Makeover Project.

There we all were, perspiring profusely under our yellow hardhats in the front yard, when Charlotte Watts, program director, emerged with a throng of youngsters in tow, ready to depart on a field trip that had been planned for the day. Then came the surprise announcement. Cameras flashed. Video rolled. And the celebration began.

The early childhood community gives back. With the extreme generosity of our project partners, Jewel’s Learning Center will be awarded with new and innovative tools to help build an even stronger educational foundation for the children attending the center. Included will be new learning materials, quality furnishings, a fresh look, and a nature-based outdoor playscape.

With the announcement made, the design and planning process is underway. We’ll keep you posted as the process continues.

Charlotte Watts, Director
Jewel’s Learning Center
“The day ...

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