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The Family Partnership

by Molly Greenman
March/April 2011
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So glad you asked.

As one woman after another described small victories as parents " “I took my son to the playground”, “My daughter won the class spelling bee” " Cheryl seemed to disappear into her chair. The group got more and more animated with successive rounds, but Cheryl ‘passed’ every time. Finally, the other moms insisted there must be something Cheryl did with her kids that she felt good about. “Well, I made a promise to myself I would read to my kids every night, just like my mom did, and I have kept that promise to this day.” After a moment of stunned silence, the room exploded: “Every single night?” “Where do you get the books?” “How do you know what books to read?” Cheryl, like many of the other moms present that night, was living in a transitional housing apartment and had been homeless many times over the years. And, like the other moms, she was used to being told what she needed to do to take care of her kids, but not used to being asked what she knew how to do that might benefit others.

In 2000, The Family Partnership was asked by a large local family foundation ...

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