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The Journey

by Dennis Vicars
September/October 2012
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A day in the life of anyone who works in or around a center-based early care and education program is one of numerous duties, timelines, staffing issues, program concerns, parent meetings, training, budget analysis, and teaching. The list is endless. Our days are filled with multiple priorities, all demanding our time and energy. At times, it seems overwhelming and I have to remind myself of Cervantes' famous quote:

"The journey is better than the inn."

In a recent school visit, a four-year-old boy boldly approached me, took my hand and said to me, "Mister, will you come play with me?" My first instinct was to say no and help redirect him to his friends, where a fun art project was taking place. I mean after all, I had two more schools I wanted to visit. . . . Thankfully, my better side prevailed. In a split second, I remembered why I was first attracted to early care and education. What could possibly be more important than for me to spend some time practicing my straw art with Jayden and his pals?

It's so easy for us to get so wrapped up in our business that we (maybe just me) forget to enjoy what ...

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