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The Meaning of Marks

by Rachel Robertson
July/August 2007
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Literacy development has become a primary focus in education. Much attention has been given to statistics illustrating American children’s lack of achievement in this important learning domain. In an effort to increase achievement and encourage competence and success, reading initiatives have blossomed throughout the country. While this is commendable and necessary, it is also important to look at the other areas of literacy development â€" speaking, listening, and writing â€" to ensure complete development.

All literacy development begins from birth and each area of literacy development contributes to the development of the others, allowing children with well-rounded literacy learning opportunities to achieve higher levels of comprehension and success. Early childhood educators have a particular responsibility to play a significant role in this endeavor, as the early years are ideal for introducing and supporting all of these skills and competencies.

Writing development is a component of literacy development that has received much less attention than reading. A novice might assume that a child learns to write in preschool or kindergarten by picking up a writing instrument and practicing, possibly copying dotted letters in a workbook or using a stencil as a guide. However, the foundation for writing begins much earlier. From ...

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