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The Moment of Truth

by Dennis Vicars
May/June 2011
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In golf, there are numerous theories on the golf swing. Golf magazines are full of sequential break downs on swing position, plane, takeaway, hand position, yada, yada, yada. . . . One can view pictures of the easy, beautiful swing of Ernie Els or the not so beautiful swing of Chi Chi Rodriguez. There are views of Michelle Wie’s fluid takeaway or Natalie Gulbis’ hurried shift to the ball. Ultimately, the only real thing that matters in any of these teachings, theories, styles, or pictures is the instant when the club and ball meet " “the moment of truth.”

Success or failure in golf is the result of that moment of truth, with everything that preceded it and everything that followed it, is inconsequential. What we do in early care and education is not unlike golf. What we serve in the child-teacher-parent dynamic (our true product) is our moment of truth. How well we deliver that product determines our center’s success. Everything outside that moment of truth is just wasted motion, which distracts us from what should be our primary goal for success.

I am amused at the various ideas, theories, and experiments that have been used over the years on how ...

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