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The Search for Emerging Leaders

by Bonnie Neugebauer and Roger Neugebauer and the Exchange Emerging Leader Review Team
May/June 2015
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/the-search-for-emerging-leaders/5022352/

NOTE: In November 2014, Exchange announced a search for emerging leadership in the field of Early Care and Education. We undertook the search as treasure hunters, seeking what we knew to be there but which we could not see. Applications required:

  • contact information
  • personal mission statement
  • résumé
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • a photo

All applications were reviewed by the distinguished members of the Emerging Leaders Review Team. We are grateful to each of the applicants and reviewers and honored to share the search results with you.

Emerging Leaders are everywhere, doing amazing work locally, in states and provinces, and nationally. Leadership can take many forms, from the leader in a classroom in an early care and education or school-age program to people working globally.

Some have become leaders on their own through tenacity. Others have been nurtured along, and some have been pushed into the forefront. What they share are these constants:

  • Passion and a belief that they must and CAN make a difference on behalf of young children and their families or in the field of Early Care and Education.
  • Vision for what needs to happen based on analysis of why things are the way they are and what needs to change to achieve the vision.
  • Determination and persistence.
  • Knowledge and understanding ...

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