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The View From the Door

by Johnna Darragh
November/December 2008
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Early childhood environments that are engaging and responsive to the needs of children and professionals take into account the incredible diversity that is in each classroom. Not only is the classroom comprised of a variety of individuals with unique ways of viewing and interacting with the world, but all individuals bring with them their own developmental needs. A good environment, therefore, will meet this diversity of needs. Careful attention to all aspects of environmental design can support this important task.

Environmental design

Where does environmental design begin? Much attention has been paid to classroom layout in early childhood programs: the placement of areas relative to one another, and learning center design. Although consideration of these variables is certainly important in designing appropriate environments for children, families, and staff, something can be gained by focusing on one small area of the room, and taking apart what that area might mean in the larger scope of children’s needs. By looking at one corner of the environment â€" the view from the door â€" many important aspects of environmental design can be examined and highlighted.

What can be learned from the view from the door, or entryway, as these areas are typically referred to? Environmental ...

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